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AP Exams

AP classes present some of the most difficult material you will encounter in high school.  Also, since they are only offered once a year, you need to be ready to perform at your best on exam day.  Excel AP prep courses dive deeply into the course material, giving you a fundamental understanding of the concepts that will be tested on the exam and reinforcing what you have learned in class.  Excel’s qualified AP instructors give you the edge you need to ace our AP exams, get those college credits, and submit truly outstanding college applications.

SAT Subject Tests

Submitting a great score on one or more SAT Subject Tests is a terrific way to showcase your abilities in a particular subject and add to the quality of your college applications. SAT Subject Tests can also demonstrate your specialized interest in a specific program or major, making you a more attractive candidate for admission. Our expert teachers know the material covered by SAT Subject Tests inside and out. Get the knowledge and test-taking strategies you need to achieve stellar SAT Subject scores and impress even the most selective colleges and universities.